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Friday 16 March 2018

Wholesale Grouper Fish

Red and black wholesale grouper fish are the top two grouper species sold in the market. They are both offering delicious unique flavor with mild taste when cooked. Grouper is not only popular because of its tasty flavor, but also because the grouper packed with nutritious content which is good for diet. This nutrition includes omega-3 fatty acids that commonly found in most of the fish, protein, minerals, and vitamins.
When you eat this luxurious fish, you can get magnesium, selenium, calcium, etc. that good for overall body system. The omega-3 fatty acids is useful to lower the heart diseases and its DHA can be used to support brain development in children. Furthermore, the lean protein inside the fish is high in content level meaning when you are on diet and you need to control your starving then you can enjoy eating grouper fish. The protein is important to build muscle tissue as well. Meanwhile, the grouper fish offer low calories and cholesterol with no carbohydrate. Overall, this is good and healthy seafood you should try once in awhile.
Wholesale grouper fish products
Wholesale grouper fish products available in many forms which you can buy directly at grocery stores, fishmonger, or seafood market or online shopping. The price of the grouper fish is valued highly in the market because the fish is very important commodity in the fishing industry and in addition, the fish is also in high market demand. It is a luxurious fish that available year round with its peak season around summer and spring.
Grouper fish most sold species are red and black grouper, you can find them at stores in frozen and fresh condition. The grouper and black grouper can be distinguished from its appearance, although they can be caught in the same areas which are Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and other places such as Indonesia waters. The grouper fish can be cooked in many cooking methods like grilled, fried, baked, steamed, poached, and so on.
Here are several grouper fish products which you can purchase such as:
1.      Grouper fish in a whole
The first product that sold in the market is grouper fish in a whole meaning that they are sold as a whole form not in cuts. They still have bones, scales, and fins. You can buy them in frozen and fresh condition. The freshest grouper fish can be purchased on boat, however if you are not live near the coastal area then you can purchase frozen whole fish in grocery stores or supermarket. We recommend you purchase frozen fish whole than buying the fresh one since frozen fish can be as good as fresh fish if the suppliers handle them properly. Here are some considerations you need to pay attention when buying fish in a whole:
-          Fresh fish: Look for a whole fish that have bright eyes and shiny scales with freshly smell just like the ocean. Moreover, the fish should not look dull and other spoilage signs. The flesh should be firm with tight scales and not flakes. The grouper fish meat spring back when you press it with finger.
-          Frozen fish: The grouper fish package is not torn, crushed, or damaged and there is no ice burn or ice crystal on the fish because it is the sign if the fish is old. Moreover, there is no discoloration on the fish or any signs of spoilage.
2.      Grouper fish in steaks and fillets
Grouper fish can be sold in cuts such as fish steaks and fillets. Usually they are higher in price than fish in a whole due to the cutting or filleting cost. With the grouper fish is cuts into steaks or fillets, they are no longer have bones and scales as well as the guts because the suppliers already cleaned and remove them. In addition, there are many benefits when buying grouper fish in either steaks or fillets such as:
-          To be able to cut grouper fish into fillets or steaks, it needs some skill and thus when you do not have skill to cut the fish into fillets or steaks then you can simply buy them directly.
-          Buying fillets or steaks wholesale grouper fish can save your preparation time since you do not have to clean or prepare them anymore. You just need to cook the fish.
-          Grouper fish fillets and steaks are more appealing and nicer when you serve them on the plate than a whole fish. They have better appearance.
When you want to purchase grouper fillets and steaks, you have to check several signs. For example, if you spot the fish is dry especially around the edge or there is discoloration then do not buy the fish. Moreover, if you want to purchase fresh fillets or steaks, check whether they are previously thawed product or not.
3.      Value added wholesale grouper fish
There is large selection of value added grouper fish meaning that the fish is already breaded, crusted or battered. They are ready to be cooked with many recipes; you can just simply bake, fry, broil, and etc. If you want to cook something that can save your preparation and seasoning time then you can purchase this product. As for the price, it might be slightly higher than non value added grouper fish; however it is not a big deal if you really want to eat such high quality product.
Besides those wholesale grouper fish supplier products, there are still so many grouper products which you can buy in the market like grouper fish in loins or portions. You can buy that according to your preference. If you want to get best quality of grouper fish then it is better to purchase frozen instead of fresh unless you can freshest grouper fish right after being caught on the boat.
When buy fresh grouper fish at grocery stores, they are mostly is already stink or previously thawed. So, it is better to purchase frozen wholesale grouper fish since they can be as good as fresh fish.

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