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Friday, 16 March 2018

Soft Shell Crab Distributor

Soft shell crab distributor offers regular crab in soft shell with high quality texture and delicate flavors. The soft shell crab is actually a regular crab which going through molting process in order to get new larger shell by replacing their old hard shell. It is because the crab growing larger and thus they need to create new shell by applying soft coat under their hard shell. After that the crab swelling themselves up so they are easy to slide out of the old hard shell. The crab with soft shell is in weak state and easily to be pried on other sea animals. Thanks that for few hours later, the soft shell start to harden and they are become hard shell crabs once again.
Why you need to buy soft shell crab
Soft shell crab is not different species of crabs; in fact they are just regular crabs that going through molting process. The advantage of eating soft shell crab is that unlike the regular hard shell crab where you need to suck for the meat out of the shell, you can eat the entire soft shell crab and this is mean including the soft shell. The whole soft shell crab is edible; the shell is very delicious with sweet and juicy meat which going to burst inside your mouth. This is why you need to buy soft shell crab.
The soft shell crab is abundantly available in late spring to early fall where the crab start their molting process. The fishermen usually caught them before the molt process begins and after they harvest some of crabs, they will keep the crabs inside large tanks until they are out of their hard shell. The suppliers will take out them of the tanks and the harden process will stop thus they can be sold as both fresh and frozen soft shell crab in the market.
Buying crabs from soft shell crab distributor
Looking for trusted soft shell crab distributor is not that easy, you need to make sure that they are really reliable and able to deliver to you some high quality soft shell crab products. You can buy soft shell crab in either fresh or frozen state. Fresh soft shell crab can be purchased from fresh market where they are kept inside the tanks still in live condition. If possible, do not buy dead soft shell crabs because they are easy to spoil unless they are frozen in proper way.
Soft shell crab is seasonal products so getting the fresh one might be difficult when they are out of the season. This is why when you have alternative to buy frozen soft shell crab. Most of the frozen shell crab distributor offers their soft shell crabs already cleaned and ready to be cooked so you do not have to clean them on your own. Meanwhile, when you buy fresh alive soft shell crabs, you still need to clean them yourself.
Soft shell crab is very fragile than the regular hard shell crab and thus it is very important for the suppliers to deliver them in the right way. They need to be handled extra carefully. You should make sure that the frozen or fresh soft shell crab distributors have good shipping process when you order them online. Do not forget to ask for some guarantee if the soft shell crab arrive in damaged condition. If possible and you are in budget for overnight shipping then do it!
If you buy them during the soft shell crab season which is mostly in late spring to early fall or summer then here are some few guides to buy them freshest:
1.      Do not buy when you spot that the soft crab shell have weird stink odor because it is a sign that they are star to rotten.
2.      Fresh crab should smell like fresh ocean waters just like when you buy fish.
3.      Do not buy when you spot that the crabs have discoloration.
4.      Live soft shell crabs will have weak little movement, but please take a note that they won’t lively just like the regular hard shell crab. But it is okay since the molting process causes the crab in weaker state, they cannot fight that hard.
5.      Do not buy if you find out missing claws and legs.
6.      Just make sure that they are not covered in cellophane because it is mean they are likely previously frozen before.
Furthermore, when buying fresh and live soft shell crab, they should not be cleaned because you need to clean them yourself right after you bring them at home. Dead crab is deteriorating more quickly and thus it is better to buy them alive.
When you buy them from restaurant, try to order them during their abundant season as well. Why? Some good indicator for new soft crab shell in the restaurant is that they are listed as ‘special menu’. Of course properly handled frozen crab is good as well but nothing can beats fresh crab!
Soft shell crab distributor online
You can try to buy frozen soft shell crab from soft shell crab distributor online. They are mostly dead but handled and stored in proper way thus there is nothing wrong by buying them in frozen state. In fact, if you need soft shell crab for year round then this is the best solution you have. Just make sure that the suppliers do not deliver you very old crab by looking at their appearance, smell, and if there is other signs such as ice crystal or ice burn. Moreover, if they are packed inside plastic packaging, make sure that the package is not damaged or torn.
To be able to find cheap soft shell crab distributor, you may need to search through forums or internets. You can also buy them locally with online shopping method. Just make sure that the dealers offer guarantee when the crab arrive in your home but not in good condition. You also need to consider about the sustainability of the soft crab shell which is how they are handled and harvested.

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