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Friday 16 March 2018

Frozen Soft Shell Crab Wholesale

Frozen soft shell crab wholesale available year round because the suppliers keep them stored in the freezer to prevent the crab being spoil. Frozen soft crab shell is a good alternative where you want to cook soft crab shell but you cannot find fresh and live soft shell. Nothing can beat fresh and live soft shell crab, however for people who cannot have an access to the freshest crab then there is nothing wrong by purchasing frozen seafood. Not to mention frozen soft shell crab will be available even when they are out of seasons.
Soft shell crab actually is not different species with the regular crab. They are just crabs that going through molting process in order to replace their small old shell with the larger new one. When the regular crab starts to grow bigger, they need larger shell as well. In this particular moment, they will start to mold new coat under their old shell. With the help of some water, they will get out of the old shell along with their new shell. The new shell appears just like their old shell, with claws and swimming fins but softer texture. In this state, the crab is easy to be pried since they are in weakest condition.
What seasons when soft shell crab is abundant?
We recommend you buy seafood from the frozen soft shell crab wholesale suppliers in late spring to early fall with May to September is the months when the soft shell crab in abundant stock. You can get the freshest frozen soft shell crab during that time. Although they are also available year round, however, you can get new frozen soft shell crab.
What are the sizes of the soft shell crab?
The size of the soft shell crab is varied; they range from the whales and jumbo soft shell crab to medium size. They can reach size around 5 ½ inches more or less with average weight about 5.9 ounces. Soft shell crab typically marketed as both fresh and frozen seafood, they are one of the most popular seafood products since they offer delicate softer texture than the regular crabs as well as sweeter flavor. The most popular soft shell crab product is the blue crab. The blue crab can grow rapidly from juvenile to mature stages within 12 to 18 months. They can reach nearly eight inches. This blue crab can be cleaned and frozen for later consumption.
How the fishermen catch the soft shell crab?
Fishermen can harvest regular crabs directly out of the ocean waters and sell them. However, the fishermen cannot just scour the sea for soft shell crabs; instead they catch them during the transitional stage of molting process. Usually, the fishermen will catch the crabs before they are molt and after that keep them alive in saltwater tanks. After that, as soon as the crabs get out of their old shell, they are pulled out of the tanks and the harden process will be stopped. This is where you can get fresh live soft shell crab. Some of the crabs are also being cut and then cleaned and packaged for frozen seafood product ready to be shipped by frozen soft shell crab wholesale distributors.
How to buy from frozen soft shell crab wholesale suppliers?
Fortunately, the crabs that are frozen will not quickly deteriorate unlike fresh crabs that need to be cooked within days. When you want to buy frozen soft crab shell, you need to make sure that they are really soft crab by press their shell. If the frozen crab is packed inside plastic container or packaging, make sure the package is not damaged or torn. More importantly, you need to ensure that there is no ice burn or ice crystal on the soft crab shell because it is a sign that the frozen crab is old stock. You also need to check that they are not previously thawed. After you buy them, immediately store them into the coldest part of the freezer.
How to prepare and cook the frozen soft shell crab?
Frozen soft shell crab usually sold already cleaned so you do not need to do so much preparation before cooking them. They are easy and simple to be prepared than the fresh and regular hard shell crab. To prepare the frozen soft shell crab, you can follow these steps:
1.      After you bring back the seafood from frozen soft shell crab wholesale market, you need to keep the inside the coldest part of the freezer if you do not want to use them immediately.
2.      When you want to use them, you should thaw the crab first. Take out the crab out of the freezer and then move them to the refrigerator, let them thawed overnight and in the next morning, you can start to cook them. Alternatively, you can thaw the crab with cold water by soaking the crabs along with the packaging into a bowl full of cold water. After few hours, they will be thawed. Please take note that never leave the frozen soft crab shell in room temperature because they will quickly deteriorate.
3.      Open the package and rinse them with clean water. Pat dry with paper towel. You can start to cook them with almost all of cooking methods. The best one is pan fried soft shell crab using butter on the skillet.
The nicest thing about consuming frozen soft shell crab is that you can eat the whole crab including their shell. The shell of soft crab is edible and safe, in fact they offer tasty flavor with crispy texture when pan fried with some flour. You can try many different recipes using such product.
Just find trusted suppliers when you want to buy frozen soft shell crab wholesale in the market. You can try to look for online suppliers that reliable and able to deliver to you good quality of frozen crabs. If you can find fresh soft shell crab instead and want to freeze them just make sure they are put inside plastic bag.

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